Quick Decode: Movement; being on track; straightforwardness

Popular Expressions: Train of thought; ride the rails; off the beaten track

Possible Meanings:

Trains symbolize fast movement, and achieving a goal quickly with direct action. A train can also signify a one-track mind, and a lack of flexibility when it comes to changing direction.If you’re the train in your dream, are you on track with your goals and aspirations, or are you too rigid and set in your ways? In other words, it’s not possible to make a spontaneous change when you’re on the train. Is the train in your dream overburdened with too many carriages to pull? Does this reflect what’s going on in your life right now? Do you feel as though you have a ridiculous number of hangers-on in tow who expect you to do all the work while they enjoy the ride? Or, as the train, do you feel powerful enough to handle any challenge or burden that comes your way?