Quick Decode: Transfer; Carry; Journey

Popular Expressions: Road less travelled; Hit the road; In the drivers seat 

Possible Meanings:

Everything on this planet is on the move. Humans created transport to make sure that as we move, we do it quickly, more efficiently and with the least amount of effort. What type of transport do you see in the dream? Is it a new flashy car? Or an out dated jalopy? Is it a big truck? Or, a scooter? The type of transport that you see in your dream is a very strong indicator of how fast you feel you’re currently moving towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself. You may feel that your career is moving too slowly because you’re behind the wheel of a heavily loaded truck. Your relationships could be moving too quickly if/because your driving a fast, hot sports car with too much horsepower. Perhaps you see yourself moving an enormous load on a very small trailer, indicating that right now, you may feel that your close to overload. If your means of transportation is by train then ask yourself have you got a one-track mind? Is life too structured? (See train). If you’re in an aeroplane, is it a bird’s eye view you’re wanting? (See aeroplane). The thing about transport in your dreams is that the way you feel about what your moving in or observing is as important as the actual appearance. For example, what’s the point of having the latest luxury sports car if all you feel in the dream is, where can I park it? It’s going to get scratched or stolen? Obviously one would get more enjoyment out of a reasonably priced family sedan that can be parked anywhere and only needs a simple car alarm for protection. We all want to get from A to B, even in our dreams. Are you in the driver’s seat? Or is someone else in control? Are you travelling with the Mob on an expressway? Or are you cruising on the road less travelled? Perhaps your dream is letting you know that you’ve waited long enough and it’s time to hit the road!