Quick Decode: Nature; sustenance; hidden resources

Popular Expressions: Turn over a new leaf; Put down roots; money doesn’t grow on trees

Possible Meanings:

The tree is a symbol of getting deep into a matter: into the soul, into the psyche, into the earth. Look at the tree in your dream and its foundations. Is it wobbly, can it be blown over, or is there enough support? How does this relate to the view you have of yourself at this moment? Think of your answers in relation to how you feel about your life at the moment. What kind of tree is it? Is it one that experiences the seasons? If so, it may indicate that you want people to see what’s going on in your life. If it’s an evergreen, then maybe you prefer to keep things personal and make changes in your life quietly.Also consider whether the tree has lots of branches, indicating a desire to expand in some way . perhaps your career or family.The tree may also represent the tree of life, and be a reminder of your connection to the universe and all living things.