> U.F.O

Quick Decode: Mystery; illusion; conspiracy

Popular Expressions: Twilight zone: beam me up Scotty; A space cadet

Possible Meanings:

No matter how much the authorities protest, we are convinced that the little specs in the skies that we see in documentaries, movies and photographs are UFOs. Is the unidentified flying object in your dream a symbol of your desire to connect with other worlds? Other worlds may be symbols of new horizons in business, careers and of course relationships. The UFO can be a symbol that there are more advanced possibilities for you if you look hard enough. For example, if you feel your in a rut at work you may see a UFO in your dreams to encourage you to explore another career especially in a more advanced field that requires a greater degree of technology. The UFO in your dream could also indicate that you have a desire to be whisked away. So many movie themes have earthlings travel to far away places because they are different and special to the people operating the craft. Ask yourself is this, a way for you to feel special and different, you way want to travel to foreign shores.