Quick Decode: Conflict; loss of communication; uncompromising

Popular Expressions: Fighting mad; on the warpath; make love, not war

Possible Meanings:

Where is the war being fought in your dream, and who’s involved? If you live in a country that’s at war, is your dream helping you make sense of what’s happening?Perhaps your dream indicates that a battle is going on in your personal life. Who is in the dream with you? Are you in conflict with this person/people in your life at the moment? The battle may also be with yourself. Are you of two minds about something?War suggests loss of communication, and the breakdown of diplomatic relations. What do you feel you can’t talk through? Is it time to make love and not war?War can also symbolize a compromising situation. Do you feel it’s time to come to an agreement or a concession? There’s so much war fair depicted in the media, it could be that you are telling yourself to switch from the news channel to the comedy channel.