Quick Decode: Purification; completion; tired

Popular Expressions: Wash your dirty linen in public; Come out in the wash; Wash your hands of the matter

Possible Meanings:

Consider that something is about to be revealed, and it is coming out in the wash. To wash in a dream may also suggest cleansing. What are you washing? If you’re washing yourself, are you trying to wash yourself clean? What has made you feel dirty and soiled?If you’re washing your car or your house does it represent something you want to wash your hands of? In other words do you want to sell the house or trade in the car?If you’re feeling particularly flat at the moment, you may dream of washing to suggest that you may be feeling washed out. Of course watching something being washed, can be a symbol that you require to give your current situation some patience and even though you wish things to come to a speedy conclusion you are reminding yourself that everything will come out in the wash.