Quick Decode: Hydration; emotion; life

Popular Expressions: Blow something out of the water; In deep water; talk under water

Possible Meanings:

The first thing to consider if you dream of water is, are you dehydrated? Water is aligned with emotion. During times of emotional turmoil, it’s common to see tidal waves and/or rough seas in a dream. If life is smooth sailing, you’re likely to see still waters. If we replace the word water with the word emotion, it speaks volumes. For example, if you dream of stormy waters, ask yourself if you’re experiencing tempestuous emotions. When water appears as mist, it may indicate that you’re not seeing things clearly. Mist is dissolved by sunlight and warmth. If you’re feeling melancholy, what can you do to dissolve the mood and cheer yourself up? If life is hectic or challenging at the moment, your dream could indicate that you wish you could water things down to a solution you can handle. Sometimes our credit cards have reached their maximum limit and we feel like we’re drowning, so you may see yourself like bread cast upon the waters, in other words you feel your spending money like water. We’re often reminded that we should never take things personally and live in the present, is the water in your dream like the water off a ducks back or is it water under a bridge?