Quick Decode: Spellbinding; potions; magic

Popular Expressions: Stirring the pot; play havoc; cross palm with silver

Possible Meanings:

The poor old witch has been maligned for hundreds of years, in fact most witches are no more than herbalists or midwifes. Is the witch in your dream someone who’s, intentions are being misunderstood? Were you endeavouring to do some good but unfortunately it was taken the wrong way? Are things not going right for you at the moment and you are not taking responsibility for the situation? It’s so easy to blame a curse or a spell when obviously you haven’t worked hard enough or thought the matter through properly. This symbol could also indicate you wish you could take short cuts, it’s so much easier to make up a potion that has people acting the way you want them too than to put up a convincing argument or lead by example. Our concept of witches has changed dramatically throughout the years because of movies, television programs and books. Is the witch in your dream a symbol that it’s time for you to reassess how you feel about stereotypes?