Quick Decode: Wild; pack mentality; loner

Popular Expressions: A wolf in sheep’s clothing; to throw to the wolves

Possible Meanings:

What is it about wolfs that make them so interesting to humans throughout the ages? Are you part of the pack or are you the leader of the pack? Are you a stray wishing to join, or are you being hunted.Your position in your dream in relation to the wolfs indicate a lot about how you feel about yourself. For example you may feel you’re a leader, follower, welcomed or marginalised. The wolf is a great symbol for team work every member has a place and a role for the good of the pack. Is the wolf in your dreams a symbol that you’ll get a lot more done if you’re a team player?Is the wolf in your dream alone and howling at the moon, indicating a false alarm and either you or someone close to you is simply crying wolf.