Quick Decode: Quick decode: Costume; cover up; camouflage


Popular Expressions: Cut from the same cloth; a wolf in sheep’s clothing; dress to kill


Possible Meanings:

They say clothes make the person, it’s sad but we have a tendency to judge a person by the way they look. Do you feel well dressed and desirable? Or do you look a mess? Dreams about clothes usually mean that you may simply need a new wardrobe? Often we wear that favourite t-shirt to death but there comes a time where we must part company and look for the next favourite t-shirt. If the clothes in the dream don’t belong to you or they’re too tight fitting or too loose, in other words there’s an unfamiliar feeling with your apparel then ask yourself, what do I think of myself looking like this? Do I need to lose weight? Gain weight? Or do you need a makeover? If your outfit is really foreign to what you would normally wear then it’s definitely time, to push your boundaries. We sometimes dream that we are under dressed or over dressed, this may indicate that you feel you are either under prepared for a task that’s ahead or over prepared and it’s time to relax.