Quick Decode: Joy; mask; empathy


Popular Expressions: To clown around; The joker in the pack


Possible Meanings:

Are you looking for an excuse to loosen things up and clown around, the clown’s makeup providing the necessary camouflage for you to go for it incognito? A clown brings laughter and joy into people’s lives through entertainment. Is that what you’re trying to do? Do you desire more laughter and joy in your life? Clowns are also known for exaggeration – the exaggerated nose, feet, and smile. Are you exaggerating something in your life? Also, ask yourself if someone in your life is putting on a happy face, or if you’re putting up with a situation that masks a deep sadness. Do yo associate the clown with childhood birthday parties? If so, it could be that you harbour a desire to return to those carefree days.