> Worst fear

Quick Decode: Unpleasantness agitation anxiety danger

Popular Expressions: Be afraid of your own shadow; run a mile; fall apart at the seams

Possible Meanings:

We all have something that frightens us more than even the fear of dying, it could be out living one's children, it may be the loss of independence andfreedom, and in some cases it can be public speaking.Most people have several/more than one worst fear, some relate to our families, relationships, career or our ego. Fear in moderation is believed to be a good thing as it sharpens our senses and keeps us alert. When fear turns into a phobia it becomes irrational, and at this point it is strongly recommended that a person seek professional help. I believe that living out our worst fears in our dreams is very healthy. At first it may be daunting and uncomfortable to see these scenarios in our dreams but I view them like a common computer game.The computer games we play are challenging and almost impossible to complete in the beginning. After practise and familiarity it becomes easy to master the challenges and actually beat the computer game regularly. If our worst fears can be viewed in the same way as a computer game, then the more you see them, confront them and challenge the outcome, the stronger you will feel when you wake up. There are occasions where our dreams are warning us that our worst fears may come to fruition. For example, you may see someone continually speeding, not wearing their safety belts and going through red lights. Obviously this should be taken as a warning to advise them to slow down and drive more carefully. Common themes that relate to our career, no matter what one's profession might include dreams where singers forget their lyrics, actors forget their lines and students are late for an important exam. Most of these themes may indicate a fear that we are being seen as unreliable or unprofessional.Other worst fears include seeing someone that we love that are in a committed relationship with and love dearly romantically involved with someone else. If you are experiencing dreams of this nature you should ask yourself have I got anything to justify this feeling? Or, am I just acknowledging my insecurities and dealing with them in my dreams?Parents often see their precious children passing away, especially around puberty or in their late teens. This is because they are seeing the death of the child and the birth of the teenager, or the death of the teenager and the birth of the adult. We dream in symbols and parents are vicariously experiencing the change their loved ones are going through and what they¹re becoming. Parents with infants dream of the most fearful situations but this again can be attributed to the change that is occurring when an infant begins to walk, talk and feed itself. I do recommend that extra care should be taken when a parent dreams of their child in any dangerous situation that their children might be facing but in most cases my research indicates that it's more to do with releasing anxiety, so that this fear does not become a phobia.Our worst fears in our dreams can be our best friends in waking life as we will learn not to be afraid of our own shadows.