> Wishes (Your Big Wish/Desire)

Quick Decode: Hope; anticipate; expect; foresee

Popular Expressions: Wish list; Be careful of what you wish for; wish you were here

Possible Meanings:

Sigmund Freud the most influential figure and authoritative thinker on dream interpretation coined the phrase wish fulfilment. He concluded that the motive for a dream could be a wish, and it¹s contents was the fulfilment of that wish. In other words we often dream of our greatest wishes, our most intimate desires coming true in a dream. This can give us the satisfaction that it has occurred on some level. Perhaps you have dreamt of your soul mate turning up and committing to a life long romance. Committed relationships, solid partnerships are all part of what we hope to achieve. Other common wish fulfilment themes are being pregnant and giving birth to a great big bundle of joy, winning the lottery, seeing friends healed from a terrible affliction, these are amongst the biggest desires we commonly experience. We dream of these things and lots more as it offers a positive outcome to a current situation that may be challenging.