Quick Decode: Confinement; to be cornered; barriers up

Popular Expressions: Bang your head against the wall; the walls have ears; off the wall

Possible Meanings:

Where does the wall appear in your dream? This will help you determine the area of your life in which you feel confined or cornered. Did you climb or go through the wall in your dream? How you interacted with the wall will give you insight into how you approach challenges in your life.The wall or walls in your dream may also symbolize barriers. Do you need to create a boundary or two in relation to the people around you? Or do you need to pull a couple down? Do you feel no one’s listening and your banging your head up against the wall.If you’re climbing up walls in your dream, it may indicate that you’re experiencing a frustrating time at the moment. If you’ve had your back to the wall, perhaps you feel that no one or nothing is going to push you any further.If you feel that you don’t have any privacy in your life at the moment then the wall in your dreams may grow ears