I believe that no one can interpret your dreams better than yourself, and like any good coach, my role is to assist you and develop your skills so that you can confidently interpret your dreams! I’ve always loved the saying, ‘a picture paints a thousandwords.’ That’s the reason why we dream in symbols. You can say a whole lot more with an image than you can with a sentence.

> Dreams Are Like Onions

It's also important to remember that a dream is like an onion, it has many layers. Just like peeling an onion, decoding a dream involves exploring many layers, and if you're willing to go deep enough, you'll get to the juicy centre, discovering a lot about yourself. A simple way to dig through the layers of your dream and decode the meaning is to consider the following:

> Was the dream about something that just occurred?
> Are you living out your worst fears?
> Are you simply creating memory?
> Are you problem solving?
> Are you making a connection to the dearly departed?
> Are you completing or sorting out a relationship?
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